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I've had many experience where I dream people thoughts and feelings.

I can dream of a past or future event 9 times out of 10 it comes true! Example, I've dream pt a man had strangled a woman with a telephone cord and tried to drown her. This came true I gave a ride to a woman I knew that I worked with.

Later, she asked for another ride. I said sure . Where will I be driving you? She said the courthouse. I said why? It's my brothers trial today. He's charged with attempted murder!

She then started to tell the story. I turned white as a sheet! I said stop don't tell me anymore I already knew what happened. I felt the cord around my neck  having him trying hold me under water gasping for air.

One gift that god gave me.

If anybody wants hear more on other stories let me know.

Take care all!


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Posted on 06:57PM on Sep 9th, 2009
Posted on 06:10PM on Nov 30th, 2009
When did you first experience this phenomenon?
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